Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Riding up the Al-Can (A Motorcycle Trek to Alaska) Chapter 22

Day 4 - A Finish of Sorts
Today did not exactly end when, where, or how I planned or even hoped for. More on that later.
I woke up this AM in Whitehorse excited to see the forecast as well as see how close I was to Tok. I thought I'd make dinner there at the latest and start for Anchorage...
As I raced for Haines Junction, I was disappointed to find the roads difficult to make good time on between the pot holes and frost heaves. I did stop along the way and take pictures.

Apparently, I am an excellent bug killer!

It may be hard to see here, but the road was so full of pot holes and frost heaves it was hard to drive at all, much less drive fast!

Finally, I was back in the USA!

The bike has been running great so far!

5 minutes after this shot, as I pulled into US Customs for intake, I shut off the bike as usual.
I finished quickly and went to start the bike to an awful grinding sound! It was as if the starter turned but did not engage the flywheel! A few hours later, with no success getting it running, I called some friends for help and they're bringing a trailer.
For now, I'm holed up at the Border City Lodge for the night and we'll get the bike when they arrive in the AM... Good night Grizzly-nauts!
Here's more evidence of my bug killing prowess!

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Location:Alcan Border,United States

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  1. Go Dave!! You made it thus far, so great to look into your travels so far, good luck! Hope you're enjoying the ride! -- Rox.


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