Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Own Personal Zen

My Boss Hoss Has a New Working Starter

Many of you following my blog are aware of the premature end to my trek to Anchorage, AK from Seattle, WA when the Starter failed on my Boss Hoss after going over the 100 miles of very bad road on this side of Haines Junction, YT. The bike did very well and held up long enough to return me to the US and Alaska, but she would run no farther.
That is, she would run no farther until today. A new starter arrived and seems to fit very well. She is a little noisy but I think some shims may resolve that. I'll run my MP Racing this weekend and have him take a listen and see what he says.

Well, I wanted to share the goods news, but it is time to change clothes and get out and do some riding! Pardon me while I indulge myself. See you Grizzly-nauts again real soon!

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