Saturday, July 3, 2010

Riding up the Al-Can (A Motorcycle Trek to Alaska) Chapter 18

Day 2 (Day's end)
Today was a long day for sure!
As I pulled into Prince George , it started raining. I'll ride in the rain as much as the next guy, but on my own on a new bike, on a road I don't know, with unknowns ahead like lodging and gas... I got a room for the night. Had my second issue with the bike today and lost 2 hours at Cache Creek, BC dealing with it. Met several very nice people and finally determined my starter issue was temperature related. The battery and alternator read fine, so they aren't the issue.
Once I was back on the road, lost another hour or more locating a locksmith to make a copy of my bike key. Neglected to do that in Seattle. (Oops!)
As I go over my math and remove the delays, I guess riding over 350 miles in 7 hours time isn't a bad pace after all.
I'm gonna crash now and sleep. Gonna try an earlier start tomorrow. The weather looks to be wet all day, so much rather attack that in the daylight after a good night's rest.
Sleep well Grizzly-nauts. I'll post in the AM to let you know when I am on the road!

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