Monday, March 29, 2010

Marian Call Music -

I have neglected my Blog for some time. Although I am sure to make several more occasional posts along the way that enforce the image of a "Bull in a china shop", this is the first of what I hope to make a habit of:
"Reviews for local music artists here in Alaska".

I'd like to call attention to one of our local artists who spends most of her year outside of Alaska touring across the continental United States. Marian is both unique and very talented and is absolutely worth a listen. I first met Marian Call through of all things, Twitter. We are both pretty active with our local group of Tweets (Alaska Tweets).

Marian has her own unique style that can be best described from a quote on her website:
"Marian is a spunky independent singer-songwriter living in Anchorage, Alaska and touring the country writing and playing music. Her songs are acoustic folk funk with a twist of jazz, both heartfelt and humorous."

Her live shows are both entertaining and engaging. She has an excellent rapport with the audience and successfully involves them in many of her songs. Many of those pieces are inspired by her life in Alaska and relate so many of those experiences in a very memorable way. Please check out her website, buy her albums, and if your very lucky, catch one of her live shows.

Her information:
Marian Call Music -
Anchorage, Alaska