Sunday, July 4, 2010

Riding up the Al-Can (A Motorcycle Trek to Alaska) Chapter 20

Day 3 (A Good Day)
The end of Day 3 finds me snug in a room at Fort Nelson, BC. I pulled in here a bit after 9:00 PM. What a great ride once the rain finally cleared!
Several sections of road would turn, then run straight with rolling hills for 3 to 5 miles until the next turn. I hope you can imagine the fun I had with this beast of a machine through those sections!
We shouldn't dwell on my departure time from Dawson Creek, though it was not as long ago as it probably should be.
I did see a Grizzly gnawing on a moose caracas several miles back being annoyed by a tourist. Since he already was on edge, I thought it prudent to move on quickly as I did not have the caged protection of a car as did the tourist.
I totaled over 530 miles today. Not a bad day at all.
Well Grizzly-nauts, time for some shut eye. Tomorrow I head for Watson Lake and, if possible, on to Whitehorse.

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Location:Fort Nelson, Canada

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