Thursday, July 1, 2010

Riding up the Al-Can (A Motorcycle Trek to Alaska) Chapter 9

I'm waiting for my dinner date to pick me up before we go eat and then head to the airport for the 1:30 AM ADT flight. The "Out of Office" settings for my work email are set, the voice mail for my absence is recorded, my bags are packed, and I have my boarding pass and passport. Thus, the journey begins...
I splurged and upgraded to First Class for the short trip to Seattle. Marv and Naomi are both prepped for my arrival so we can visit a bit before I pull out of town on my adventure. They have both asked about when I am leaving, so anything is possible, but the original plan was to pull out by lunch or so. No rush to get home now, so that may change.
Here's my checklist for tomorrow in Seattle:
1. Pick up bags
2. Cab to warehouse in Kent
3. Receive bike and look for damage.
4. Install the 12Volt power plug on the bike
5. Pack bag on the bike and weather proof
6. Gear up and check route
7. Ride
Somewhere in there is likely breakfast and visiting with friends. I may post again from the airport, but we'll see. There is probably going to be as many posts as gas stops on the trip each day pending wireless access at each gas stop. Later Grizzly-nauts. Catch you from Seattle if not earlier!

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