Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Riding up the Al-Can (A Motorcycle Trek to Alaska) Chapter 7

Isn't Something Missing
I had hoped to be blogging daily, but I was disappointed and not so surprised, to see things are not going quite as planned. It appears my cargo got "bumped" from the truck in Illinois and was not loaded Monday as scheduled.

In fact, the shipment still has not left Illinois as of this posting at 3:00 AM Central Time! It's hard to be patient when things aren't done as promised. I could rant for some time on the broken commitments and changing terms of the shipping company. I could go on on the travesty that was the actual bike pickup that was finally successful 48 hours late. Or dwell on their lack of communication as to what and why the tracker sits for two days behind schedule without an update... This would all be too easy to go on about.
None of it does me any good and I certainly have no desire to do anything at this point that might "cause" further delay. Apparently, they now expect it to arrive there Friday, which pretty much blows my entire 4th of July plans out of the water. No reason they should care, they have my money, for now anyway... The good news is I have a contact at the destination warehouse that feels my pain and is making every effort to help out.

Other good news is that a brother of mine that now lives in the area wants to meet me when I get the bike and see me off. He also gave some good advice about which route I should take and has me convinced to stick to the Alaska Highway route to the east. Although it kills me that I am not gonna be back home for Independence Day, I think the trade off is worth it. The other side is less time off work if I still use the 3 day weekend, though I have plenty of time off I could afford to take.

That about does it for now Grizzly-nauts. I will post again tomorrow if I have any additional news or info, good or bad.

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