Friday, June 25, 2010

Riding up the Al-Can (A Motorcycle's Trek to Alaska) Chapter 4

Great News!
The Boss Hoss has finally made it's way from Sterling, VA and is now motoring via carrier to the next stop, Bloomingdale, IL. It is due in there before loading on the next truck which is scheduled to depart Monday, June 28.
Believe it or not, anyone who knows can imagine how much like a little kid I am right this moment. I called and talked to the receiving warehouse and that particular truck is normally due in Wednesday morning at 5:30 AM! She said me arriving anytime after 6:00 AM to receive the bike was not a problem. If all goes well and nothing happens between now and then, I should be on the road by late morning Wednesday June 30, 2010 headed "North to Alaska".
(I swear I am like a little kid at Christmas! It is sad really, so sad...) ;)

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