Saturday, June 26, 2010

Riding up the Al-Can (A Motorcycle's Trek to Alaska) Chapter 5

Decisions, Decisions
Which way did he go George? Which way did he go?
As the departure date approaches (I possibly fly out of Anchorage as early as 2:30 AM Wednesday morning), I've started spending more time making the final decision on the route. In short, I have two to choose from.
The eastern Alaska Highway (aka AlCan) in the picture is a lighter shade than the western Dease Lake Hwy/Stewart-Cassiar Hwy route. The western route is about 200 miles shorter, but seriously, when your talking about over 2400 miles what's another 200? (About 3 hours or so and two ranks of gas.) The biggest reason for my dilemma is there is much more information on the eastern route and likely more gas stations. It is the more traveled better known route, but also likely to be the busiest.
A very popular resource that keeps surfacing is The Milepost so I may have to get a copy of that to help make the decision. (The cats need food and it's raining, so I'll be out in the truck this afternoon anyway wrapping up preparations.)
I've grabbed an iPhone App for locating WiFi hotspots along the way, so we'll see how good a job I do posting trip updates. If anything, updating every few gas stops st a minimum should be reasonable.
I'll probably post again tomorrow as everyday, more stuff affecting the trip happens, even if it's just me making decisions...

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