Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Debate about my blog "Is the U.S. Temperature Record Reliable?"

After posting this, a online debate ensued. I've made every effort to remove identifying info about my detractor. Those who took part in it, and know us both saw the exchange. It is a prime example of the overwrought blind emotion on the subject I cautioned against. Apparently, rather then feed me examples of places or information bolstering a counter-point, it was easier to attack my intelligence, sources, and research abilities.

Here's the exchange:

Me (Original Blog Post): Is the US Temperature Record reliable?- I'm concerned about how emotionally charged the Global Warming issue is... http://tinyurl.com/nd3rwn

GlobalWarmer2: @BigDaveGrizzly Climate change is not measured by temperature. Temperatures may be included in some studies as one factor.

Me: @GlobalWarmer2 It has been a major focal point for most arguments. C02 being another and full of as many holes.

GlobalWarmerJournalist: @BigDaveGrizzly @GlobalWarmer2 Vast majority of legitimate scientists and peer-reviewed data say warming is serious. 90% united on that.

GlobalWarmer2: @BigDaveGrizzly Temp is injected into the argument because it's tangible & understood by laypeople.Scientific argument is not easy to grasp.

Me: @GlobalWarmerJournalist @GlobalWarmer2 I could go on all day on that. Many are recanting now as a lot of the base science for it is being disproved.

GlobalWarmer2: @BigDaveGrizzly Like who?

Me: @GlobalWarmerJournalist @GlobalWarmer2 Claude Allegre, one of France's leading socialists/among her most celebrated scientists http://tinyurl.com/2z4yey

GlobalWarmerJournalist: @BigDaveGrizzly @GlobalWarmer2 You need to read a little more widely, my friend. You are living in a small box, if you think that's true

GlobalWarmerJournalist: @BigDaveGrizzly @GlobalWarmer2 Please don't just quote me verbatim the lead of one random article. Do some real research and we can talk.

Me (in response to "Like who?" above): @GlobalWarmer2 @GlobalWarmerJournalist With only 140 characters, difficult to list, but check this out... http://tinyurl.com/2jw4b4

Me (in response to the personal attack as it begins): @GlobalWarmerJournalist I am offended by your comments. That is the very emotional response I caution against. I do my research.

GlobalWarmerJournalist: @BigDaveGrizzly @GlobalWarmer2 Now your authority is a list of several dozen names on Wikipedia? is that what you're offering as evidence?

Me: @GlobalWarmerJournalist I rarley take things personal and in fact, assume by your response I am better read in this area than yourself...

GlobalWarmerJournalist: @BigDaveGrizzly @GlobalWarmer2 My friend, I have reported on and edited coverage on this for 20 years (NPR, Discovery, CS Monitor, ARPN)

Me: @GlobalWarmerJournalist The list was a response to the question of who r Pro Global Warming Scientists who have recanted based on reviewing the science.

Me: @GlobalWarmerJournalist Those are great credentials reporting on flawed scientific data. Not completely wrong, but not based on proper scientific method

GlobalWarmerJournalist: @BigDaveGrizzly @GlobalWarmer2...and all i can tell you is this is not a serious debate in in the scientific community.

Me: @GlobalWarmerJournalist In fact, it's becoming a more serious debate within the scientific community now as the data it is based on is being reexamined.

GlobalWarmerJournalist: @BigDaveGrizzly I'm not going to argue the point. It's a Wikipedia list. Need i say more. Do some real research.

Me: @GlobalWarmerJournalist So, you must have photographic memory & can recall all information you have ever read precisely?Wiki is best I can do this hour.

GlobalWarmerJournalist: @BigDaveGrizzly hint: take that list, find out who gets research grants from big oil, or GM, or any other company and then get back to me.

Me: @GlobalWarmerJournalist I can say the same for many scientists who defend global warming. Without their grant monies and funding, they'd be out of work.

GlobalWarmerJournalist: @BigDaveGrizzly I don't need a photographic memory to speak with some authority on a topic I have been reporting on for 20 years.

Me (obviously annoyed now): @GlobalWarmerJournalist Without your resume I obviously am completely clueless and have no idea how to conduct research as your first response implied...

Me (still annoyed): @GlobalWarmerJournalist And of course, no one could ever have given you bad information. And there is no way your resources may have been in error.

Me: @GlobalWarmerJournalist All I am noting is, if using a proper scientific method, there is a great deal of room for debate. To suggest otherwise is wrong

GlobalWarmerJournalist: @bigdavegrizzly baseline starting point: the most authoritative report: IPCC report based on the work of some 2500 scientists/130 countries.

Me (in response to the IPCC Report): @GlobalWarmerJournalist Which was called into question. Rather than report only facts and findings, it was a collaborative effort including politicians.

GlobalWarmerJournalist: @BigDaveGrizzly I've been reporting on it for 20 years, not 2 days, So any bad info has long since gone out in the wash.

(I guess I only ever thought about this for the last two days of my life and have never done any other research on it?)

Me: @GlobalWarmerJournalist The bad info has been repeated and perpetrated as fact. Only recently has the science been proven either inconclusive or flawed.

GlobalWarmerJournalist: @BigDaveGrizzly I give up. You clearly don't know much about this. Do some real research-or don't. Its all there should you decide to. night

Me: @GlobalWarmerJournalist goodnight

Did I just win that exchange? Wonder why he kept at me, rather than citing arguments against my data and examples?

We live in such a loving and understanding society, don't we?

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